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Worst airline in America exploits the worst mayor in Canada2014-Jun-12

Spirit Airlines, a budget American carrier whose corner cutting tactics tend to inspire seething rage, gained attention north of the border Jets Dexter McDougle Jersey on Thursday with an email promotion that referenced the ongoing trials and tribulations of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

The line Not Smoking Crack obviously struck a chord with content farmers as it was widely covered across North America as an online news item a massive amount of free advertising for the price of some slapdash graphic design and the smoke blowing silhouette of an Alfred Hitchcock type.

A few hours after its crack moment, the NFL Players Association asked the company to apologize for its previous promotion that pilloried the recent locker room bullying http://www.jetsauthenticofficial.com/Jalen_Saunders_Jersey_Jets scandal that has sidelined Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito:

George Atallah of the NFLPA registered the association displeasure on Thursday night:

Ahmad Nassar, Executive Vice President at NFL Players, Inc. and I wrote Spirit Airlines voicing our displeasure at their tasteless ad.

We asked jetsauthenticofficial.com/Shaq_Evans_Jersey_Jets Spirit to make a donation to Anti Bullying organizations. Let see if they do

simply, Spirit is free to operate a budget airline, but there is no need to skimp on human decency or a gracious spirit (pun intended), read the letter from the NFLPA.

call the ad distasteful, offensive and pathetic to be sure, it is all three, and then some would not quite do justice to the horrific judgment exhibited by the responsible Spirit employees, the letter stated. ask that you immediately remove the ad, issue an apology and provide appropriate training to your staff to ensure nothing like this happens again. Ford is surely too distracted by recent events not to mention threatening legal action against his former staff for talking to Toronto Police to pay attention one way or another.

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Things to do Ja'Wuan James Jersey in Cancun 2014-Jun-12

Things to do Ja'Wuan James Jersey in Cancun Authentic Jarvis Landry Jersey

Worlds' best dolphinariums !Dolphinaris . . . A place for you. A place for them. If you're looking for the best place to swim with dolphins in Cancun this is the right place for you!At Dolphinaris, we provide people of all ages the opportunity to make their dreams come true. have the same technology we have, providing you the best quality in all aspects unlike other dolphinariums that only use a simple fishing net at the sea beach, where in addition to swimming with dolphins, you swim with algae, waves, ocean currents, ship oil and gas, you also swims with the dolphins waste, exposing you to severe skin or vital organs infections. Avoid all that. next time choose dolphinaris!The only TPC Licenced property located outside of the United States, TPC Cancun at Cancun Country Club is the new standard of excellence in Latin America. Attention to detail, world class service and amenities, and a professional, friendly staff the hallmarks of private golf clubs throughout the world, until now. TPC Cancun provides a private club experience to each and every guest. Environmental awareness was integral to the design and development of TPC Cancun. Special care was taken with sensitive flora and fauna indigenous to the region, while designer Nick Price incorporated naturally occurring water features and elevation changes into his world class creation. The course boasts wall to wall Platinum Paspalum, the Cadillac of grass in this region, as well as Women's Jarvis Landry Jersey 84 bunkers and 5 lakes. Mr. Price succeeded in creating within each hole a challenge for golfers of all abilities. Located just minutes from the main Hotel Zone, Cancun International Airport and 25 minutes from Playa Del Carmen, playing the course is as convenient as it is memorable. TPC Cancun, the new standard of excellence in Latin America."amazing visit to Chichen Itza"While my family stayed in Cancun we wanted to do a day trip to Chichen Itza. We found Alma's LDS Tours through Tripadvisor and decided to give it a try since it got such great ratings and because we are LDS. I hoped that my teenage kids and 8 year old would enjoy it, but I had no idea if they would ."find learning about the Mayan culture interesting.Despite the day being incredibly hot, especially for a family coming from Chicago in the freezing winter, my family loved the tour. All of the kids commented later about how much they learned and how much they liked seeing the ruins. Of course, the ruins would be amazing to see no matter how you saw them, but what made this tour extra special was Miguel and his rich knowledge of the history of the ruins and of Mayan culture. It was really unbelievable how much knowledge Miguel had about the place. No matter what I asked him, he was never stumped. He was able to answer the questions in a detailed way while always being interesting and mak."This tour had it all. The ATVs were great. The trail we used was exciting. It had obstacles, mud puddles, rocks, curves. We even went through a little village with kids waving at us. Much better than just boring dirt roads. Zipling was really fun. There were only 4 of them but we had a lot to do so ."it was just the right amount. Listen to the guides. I didn't and hit my foot on a tree. No damage.We loved driving our own Hummer instead of being crammed in a bus or van. Very cool.We swam in a cenote which was real treat. It was a big hole in the jungle with a zip line in, a high rock for jumping and an even higher rock for the adventurous. The two ropes through the middle made it easy and fun to hang out in the water, even the older people got in the water. Make sure to swim around the edges and overhangs. I encountered a bunch of bats. It was like being on the Discovery Channel. (You have to Women's Ja'Wuan James Jersey really swim in there to find them so if you're not into it you won't be bothered)

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An Interview With The Third Cousin Of Kenny Loggins2014-Jun-12

How The Masters Theme Song Came To Be: An Interview Demaryius Thomas man Jersey With The Third Cousin Of Kenny Loggins

On the 14th hole at Augusta, with the breeze blowing through the trees, musician Dave Loggins had his inspiration. It was April 1981, his first trip to the Masters. His friend Ken Chance, an attorney, had scored passes, and they were walking the course. They paused at 14, and lyrics popped into Loggins' head.

This wasn't some amateur, daydreaming. Loggins has penned a long list of country hits, for artists like Reba McIntire and Kenny Rogers. In 1974, he reached No. 5 on the Billboard chart with "Please Come to Boston," which he wrote and performed. (It's been covered ad nauseam since, by artists up to and including Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds.)

And Chance was close with Frank Chirkinian, the CBS golf producer. That night, he introduced the two. Loggins asked if Chirkinian was interested in a piece of music to accompany the Masters broadcast. Chirkinian said he was.

"Well, you just found it," Loggins said, "because I think I can do this." www.nflbroncosofficialstore.com/88_demaryius_thomas_jersey_cheap

Three decades later, CBS is still using "Augusta" to arouse white men across the nation. Loggins's tinkling tribute, which features acoustic guitar, keyboard, bass, a string quartet, and a click track instead of actual drums, inspires a special kind of joy in golf heads. Writing in Golf Digest in 2007, Ron Kaspriske called fans' response to the theme "Pavlovian."

Loggins knew exactly what it would take to get people drooling. After a bit of research, he wrote lyrics that included some of the tournament's great players. (He later added references to Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods.) The result was pure, lilting crackerism:

Well, it's springtime in the valley on Magnolia Lane

It's the Augusta National and the master of the game

Who'll wear that officialbroncosonlineproshop.com/58_von_miller_jersey_cheap green coat on Sunday afternoon?

Who'll walk the 18th www.nflbroncosofficialstore.com/58_von_miller_jersey_cheap fairway singing this tune?

Augusta, your dogwoods and pines

They play on my mind like a song

Augusta, it's you that I love

And it's you that I'll miss when I'm gone.

It's Watson, Byron Nelson, Demaret, Player and Snead

It's Amen Corner and it's Hogan's perfect swing

It's Sarazen's double eagle at the 15 in '35

And the spirit of Clifford Roberts that keeps it alive

Augusta, your dogwoods and pines

They play on my mind like a song

Augusta, it's you that I love

And it's you that I miss when I'm gone.

It's the legions of Arnie's Army and the Golden Bear's throngs

And the wooden shafted legend of Bobby Jones.

The track was recorded at Bennett House, a Victorian mansion in Franklin, Tenn. Loggins played guitar on the song, but other musicians including Norbert Putnam, who at one point was Elvis Presley's bassist also contributed. "It had to flow, sort of like the mounds on the greens," Loggins says. "Capturing that mood was the hardest thing we had to do."

The track wasn't totally finished until the week of the 1982 Masters. On Wednesday, Loggins flew to Georgia. The next day, he was able to watch the opening round of the tournament from the broadcast truck. Apparently, Chirkinian liked "Augusta." After hearing the final version, he put his arm around Loggins and said, "Son, you did real well."

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Veteran Miami Dolphins 'forced rookies to fund2014-Jun-12

Almost the ENTIRE Miami Dolphins team accused of bullying: Veteran stars 'made younger players subsidize their luxury lifestyle and fund $30,000 dinners and trips to Vegas'

According to reports on ESPN and in the Miami Herald, the alleged bank rolling is partly behind Jonathon Martin's shock leave of absence from the team last weekESPN claims lineman Richie Incognito got Martin to contribute $15,000 to help finance a trip to Vegas last summer, even though he didn't attendHowever, Incognito quickly disputed the report on TwitterBy

According to reports on ESPN and in the Miami Herald on Sunday, the alleged bank rolling is behind Jonathon Martin's shock leave of absence from the team last week.

ESPN claims lineman Richie Incognito got Martin to contribute $15,000 to help finance a trip to Vegas last summer, even though he didn't attend. However, Incognito quickly disputed the report on Twitter.

Bullying claims: Miami Dolphins Guard Richie Incognito, right, has been accused of Arthur Lynch Jersey bullying younger players though he denies the claims

Meanwhile, the Herald reported that one unnamed young player had coughed up so much cash to veterans that he's gone broke.

Reporter Adam Beasley tweeted: 'Recently, a younger player was handed the tab for a $30,000 team dinner. The rookie minimum this year is around $400.000.'

Two tweets from Jared Odrick and Will Davis support the accusation. WOW RookieNight' Dolphins Walt Aikens Jersey

The team came out on Sunday labelling the accusations of bullying 'speculation.'

They added that their Women's Billy Turner Jersey number one concern was Martin's health and well being.

'The Miami Dolphins, including Coach Joe Philbin and Jonathan's teammates, have been in communication with Jonathan and his family since his departure from the club and continue to be in contact. Our primary concern for Jonathan is his overall health and well being,' the statement read.

'As an organization, we take any accusations of player misconduct seriously. The notion of bullying is based on speculation and has not been presented to us as a concern from Jonathan or anyone else internally. The reports that the NFLPA is investigating our players are inaccurate. Additionally, the NFL offered its assistance during this time, which we appreciated and gladly accepted. We will continue to make Jonathan's health and well being a focus as we do with all of our players.'

I just seen a dinner bill for $30,000. You hide behind 'sources' who are not man enough to put their name behind the BS you report.'

Leave: Miami Dolphins tackle Jonathan 24, pictured, has taken a personal leave of absence from the team which has been blamed on the persistent teasing of his teammates

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The storm that shamed America2014-Jun-12

That night, Hurricane cheap jerseys Katrina duly smashed into the central Gulf Coast.

By many measures, Katrina was the worst disaster ever to befall the US. Beside it, the BP oil spill pales. More people an estimated 8,000 may have died in the Galveston hurricane of 1900, when modern communications and weather forecasting scarcely existed. And several more recent hurricanes have been fiercer, not least Camille, with its record winds of 190mph, which in 1969 followed a path close to Katrina's, but miraculously spared New Orleans.

But from Katrina there was no escape. The giant storm levelled virtually everything standing along 100 miles of coastline. In all, it killed 1,800 people in seven states, and caused $90bn (58bn) of damage. It wreaked colossal damage on the region's oil, forestry and tourism industries. More than one million people were left homeless; the result, for a while, was the largest internal diaspora in American history.

But although swaths of Louisiana, Alabama and above all Mississippi were affected, Katrina is above all about New Orleans. Not since the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 has a great American city been so comprehensively devastated. At its height, four fifths of New Orleans was under water, to a depth of 20 feet. Today, more than a quarter of the pre Katrina population of 450,000 have not returned.

Books have been written and films made about the hurricane. President Barack Obama will be in New Orleans on 29 August, and a National Katrina Museum is due to open in a 12,000 sq ft warehouse in the Ninth Ward, the poorest and worst hit part of the city. Special theatrical events are scheduled in New Orleans and around the country. Some anniversaries are empty ritual, but not this one. Five years later, the impact of Katrina is still being felt.

Storms are acts of nature, but Katrina's lethality was given a huge helping hand by human beings even if you don't classify the hurricane as an "extreme weather event" directly caused by man made global warming. In November 2009, a federal judge ruled that the US Army Corps of Engineers had displayed "gross negligence" in failing to maintain a navigation channel whose failure led to the flooding. The doctrine of "sovereign immunity" meant the Corps could not be sued but the inundation was the most spectacular indictment imaginable of the ageing civil infrastructure that plagues the entire country.

Humans, moreover, had contributed to the disaster by destroying the Gulf wetlands that traditionally protected New Orleans, by blunting the storm surges that are the deadliest features of hurricanes. Katrina's main surge approached 25 feet, a veritable tsunami that overwhelmed the city's antiquated levees. And not least, the storm laid bare the inadequacies of government, and the shortcomings of a society unable or unwilling to protect its weakest members. Unsurprisingly, its political repercussions were vast and almost immediate.

No single event, not even the war in Iraq that was plainly unwinnable in the late summer of 2005, was as ruinous to the fortunes of George W Bush, who, just 10 months earlier, had narrowly defeated the Democrat John Kerry to win a second term in the White House.

Thereafter for Bush, it was downhill all the way. But it was Katrina that sealed the 43rd president's reputation for ineptitude, cronyism and near complete disconnect from the reality of life for ordinary Americans, especially poor Americans a reputation that remains.

Shortly after the disaster, Bush claimed that no one could have foreseen that New Orleans' levees would break; in fact, scientists had for years been warning the federal government of precisely such an eventuality, if a major hurricane scored a direct hit on New Orleans. Everyone in America knew a disaster for the ages was unfolding except, it seemed, the man in the White House (or rather, at that particular moment, at his holiday ranch in Texas). Not until the afternoon of 31 August, some 60 hours after Katrina struck, did the President take a first hand look at the stricken city but only from the window of Air Force One as it made a detour on its route back to Washington from his ranch in Texas.

When he did visit the Gulf Coast in person, two days later, the occasion was memorable only for two gaffes. One was Bush's expression of sympathy for Mississippi's Senator Trent Lott, who had lost his house in the storm. Its replacement would be "fantastic," the President burbled, "and I'm looking forward to sitting on the porch." All this as tens of thousands of poor blacks their own far humbler porches either washed away or under 20 feet of water were trying to stay alive amid the apocalypse that had engulfed them, just a few dozen miles away in New Orleans.

Even that tone deaf remark paled, however, beside the praise he lavished on Michael Brown, the head of Fema, the federal disaster management agency, whose handling of the emergency had been a national disgrace. Brown, a former supervisor of horse show judges but with powerful friends in the administration, was utterly unqualified for the job and performed accordingly.

Bush, though, seemed oblivious to the reality apparent to everyone else. "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job," he declared, in a line that more than any other would define his presidency. A week later, Brown was fired, and in their minds, Americans did the same to their President. Before Katrina, people were still giving Bush a hearing. Thereafter, they simply tuned him out.

But the other ramifications of Katrina could not be tuned out. In the fetid waters that had taken over arguably its most beloved and distinctive city, the US saw a profoundly disturbing reflection of itself. The hurricane raised one uncomfortable question after another. How was it that an America able to send hundreds of thousands of troops halfway round the world to topple a dictator of whom it disapproved could wholesale jerseys not protect New Orleans? How could such a Third World disaster happen in the leader of the First World? Why did blacks suffer the most? Would the response have been as botched had a hurricane or earthquake struck Boston or San Francisco?

Maybe it would have been. "We felt we were written off by the government," a black New Orleanian reflected recently. "The real lesson is how cruelly we treat our citizens who have nothing. The middle classes, black and white, were able to leave New Orleans before the storm came. The people who couldn't afford to leave, they were on their own and that about goes for any city in this country."

Or did "The Big Easy", fatalistic, frivolous and corrupt, simply get what was coming to it? In other words, was New Orleans whose lack of preparedness for "the big one" was so brutally exposed by the shambles at the Superdome as much to blame as the Bush administration? One question followed another. None could be easily answered.

Five years on, the hurricane's impact still reverberates in national, as well as local, politics. With the election in May of Mitch Landrieu, scion of the state's pre eminent political family, to succeed Nagin, the city has its first white mayor since Mitch's father, Moon, left office in 1978. Paradoxically, the emigration of so many poor blacks to places such as Houston and Atlanta may have shifted the politics of both Louisiana and New Orleans to the right.

Nationally too, in a country with a notoriously short attention span, Katrina is not forgotten. The storm was the headline act of the exceptionally severe Atlantic hurricane season of 2005, that first helped to concentrate minds here on global warming. Three years later, the country elected its first black president, in what perhaps was an effort by voters to look beyond the enduring racial discrimination that Katrina had thrown into especially cruel relief.

Meanwhile, as they scramble to avoid a potential drubbing from Republicans in the midterm elections now barely two months off, Democrats are once again making the Bush legacy a central issue. Along with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the recession and the deficit, the response to Katrina will also surely feature on the charge sheet.

Even more fundamentally, one must wonder whether Americans' lack of trust in the Washington establishment the dominant theme of this political season, so vividly embodied in the Tea Party movement stems, in part at least, from Katrina. When a section of the population needed the help of "big government" as rarely before in US history, the federal government establishment failed them.

In fact, much that is good has also happened in Katrina's aftermath. Fatalism breeds not just inertia but also resilience. Other places, faced with comparable catastrophe, might have simply thrown in the towel. Not, however, New Orleans. "We are veterans of pain," Mayor Landrieu told public television last month, in a documentary on the city's mood five years cheap nfl jerseys on.

But now fatalism has been joined by the demand that after decades of empty talk, the city at last tackles its age old deficiencies. The truth is that New Orleans was losing population and business clout to places such as Houston and Atlanta well before Katrina struck. The storm merely accelerated that trend. If the city is serious about long term recovery, it must do more than merely strengthen levees that crumbled and replace homes that were washed away.

The levees, we are told, have been fixed, and, albeit fitfully, the homes are being replaced. Many residential streets in the Lower Ninth Ward have been rebuilt, some with houses on stilts to protect against another inundation. Many, though, have not ben rebuilt. Rapidly they are being reclaimed by Mother Nature, who in the subtropical greenhouse of the Gulf Coast needs no second bidding.

Sometimes only a forlorn set of concrete steps protruding from the greenery marks where a house once stood, the paved road in front already pockmarked with clumps of weeds. Graffiti now covers the abandoned houses that did survive the storm, each bearing a faded waterline showing how high the Katrina flood reached.

But not just homes must be replaced. For all its magnetic allure, the city will not reclaim its vanished inhabitants until they are convinced that life will be better than on 27 August 2005. And that, above all, means better schools with the result that New Orleans is now a laboratory for educational experiment closely watched by the US at large.

Across the city's poorer neighbourhoods, state run schools were washed away along with the houses. These days, the public education system has only half as many students as before the hurricane, a sign of how young families above all decided to make a new life elsewhere.

But the system is now based on charter schools publicly funded institutions that are managed independently, subject to specified performance targets. For now, at least, the experiment seems to be working: according to a 2010 report, 59 per cent of students are now in schools that meet state standards, against 28 per cent before the storm. The scheme's success is crucial. Only the certainty of decent public education will ensure the return of the missing middle class black families, key to a resurgent New Orleans.

In one area, of course, it already is resurgent. Last February, the city's beloved Saints won the Super Bowl for the first time, defeating the Indianapolis Colts, watched in the US by 106 million people, the largest audience ever for a single television broadcast. In the most romantic fashion possible, the story of the Superdome, squalid shelter of last resort for the victims of Katrina, had come full circle. For a year, the storm had forced the Saints from the city, as the arena was repaired. Now, they had reached the pinnacle of American football. No disrespect to the Indianapolis Colts, but the entire world beyond the state of Indiana was wanting a New Orleans victory.

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